A Storytelling Workshop with Ivan Coyote

Saturday October 28, 10 AM to 1 PM: TALKING THE TALK

Location to be determined
50$ plus tax, maximum of 12 participants

Description of workshop
Join Ivan in this workshop designed to help you transform your nervous energy into a memorable reading or story. Workshop will include tips on selecting material, preparing yourself and your work for performance, memorization (or not), and how to make your body language work for you. Bring a pen, paper, questions, and a 3 minute selection of your work to be staged. There will be a short performance and feedback session, time permitting.

Bio of Ivan Coyote:
Ivan Coyote is the author of eleven books, the creator of four short films, six full-length live shows, and three albums that combine storytelling with music. Ivan is a seasoned stage performer and long-time road dog, and over the last two decades has become an audience favourite at storytelling, writer’s, film, poetry, and folk music festivals from Anchorage to Amsterdam and Australia.

The Globe and Mail newspaper called Coyote « a natural-born storyteller » and the Ottawa Xpress once said that « Coyote is to Canadian literature what kd lang is to country music: a beautifully odd fixture. »

Ivan often grapples with the complex and intensely personal issues of gender identity in their work, as well as topics such as family, class, social justice and queer liberation, but always with a generous heart, a quick wit, and the nuanced and finely-honed timing of a gifted raconteur. Ivan’s stories remind of us of our own fallible and imperfect humanity while at the same time inspiring us to change the world.

Ivan’s 11th book, Tomboy Survival Guide, was released in the fall of 2016 with Arsenal Pulp Press. Tomboy Survival Guide was named an American Library Association Stonewall Honour Book in 2016, and this fall Ivan will be given an Honorary Doctorate of Laws at Simon Fraser University for their writing and activism.

Information and registration: info@festival-conte.qc.ca • 514 439 7939